Escola Infantil Happy Way. Diary 28/07/20

in #photography3 years ago

This is one of the Happy Way schools for Infants in Barcelona. They have four of them in different neighbourhoods. This one is located in Les Corts. The font that they use for their logo reminds me of some popular font but I cannot seem to recall. It kind of looks a bit fantasy like Waltograph.

GP is perfectly sniping the shapes of walls :-)

People are actually still using these phone booths? Who the hell is still buying/using phone cards?
It's like using cash money. Why would anyone carry such annoying paper/metal money that is just frustrating extra weight to carry and requires special holder like wallet or purse to keep it.
By the way, I have never had a walled in my entire life. I have always only kept with me the minimum of things as I hate to carry too much unnecessary bullshit. Besides, when you keep all that shit in wallet, when you lose the wallet, you are fucked. Before the age of debit cards/pay cards, I had only held few paper banknotes, couple of coins, keys and identity card shoved up the pockets in my daily clothes. Now I only carry debit card and the keys in my pocket :-)