Freedom of Choice

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Hello Hive!

Its been 3 months since my last post. I haven't been so active in all my social media accounts lately. As usual, work is so demanding. We have been very busy with the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, and I got myself into a new venture too.

My environment since 2013 has always been the same, platonic and toxic. I kinda needed new set of people to interact with. Also, I just got so curious, and ignited this interest within me to start something new and see what happens.

I might talk more about it in my future posts. But for now, let me talk about the photo I posted and the title.

I am a nurse, and I am expected to advocate on getting people vaccinated, but I am more of an advocate of our freedom of choice. This is one of the best things I love about Philippines, its a democratic country. We should do whatever it takes to preserve that democracy.

Its your body, you have every right to protect it from something you're not comfortable with.

But then, since we are standing up with what we believe in, it comes with consequences, and we should be ready for it. If you don't want getting the jab, atleast be responsible in following the health protocols, respect the people around you and don't just think of your convenience. Always be considerate with others.

Goodnight everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. :)


I have recently gone back as well but have not been posting everyday as I used to but I often read what the folks has been up to.

Its good that you are venturing out of your comfort zone and even started a new thing.

I am in the midst of doing something similar

As a Covid survivor I really advocate getting vaccinated but still leave it to the individual to make the final choice.