50 kilometres by folding bike, with LX BMX

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Yesterday I joined with LX BMX to make a 50 kilometre bike ride, on my folding bike.

It was an awesome tour. With LX BMX leading the way I had the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings.

We started in the centre of Lisbon and drove to Estoril. You can drive almost all the way besides the sea, enjoying the sun, seeing surfers catching some waves, passing by a few historical sites and deserted buildings and many cafes.

Portugal has a lot to offer for those seeking the good life.


LX BMX takes you on shorter tours as well. You can check out his page: https://steemit.com/@lx-bmx

Maybe you can join us next time!




Wow! What a ride!

Really glad to have discovered papa-pepper on Steemit. Keep it up!

Once the pond stops flooding and I can back to the dock, I think I'll jump that bike off of it for you. Hmmm... maybe I need a flag with your username on it to, that would make a sweet video or gif!

:) Yes, I can picture that!

It was! My legs hurt a bit the day after...but it was a great trip!

Wonderful to have the opportunity to ride by the ocean. 50 kilometres is some ride. Congratulations. Wonderful images. 🙏 🌀 🙏

Thanks! Yes 50 km was a lot! My legs hurt the day after, but I'll do it again!

You have to send me the full list of pictures!

I can send you some more this evening. I made too many!