Five Minutes Photo Challange.

in #photography11 months ago

From time to time I'm taking photos, however in my life I've done millions of them, therefore I usually try to take snaps in short span of time, so I don't really do just click click on my digital camera, I rather just focus, think, wait for right moment and light then snap.

Here are some images taken within 5-10 minutes photoshoot.... Is it just 5-10 minutes? Or years of learning, practise and develop some skills. You judge.




It is years of learning, practice, but it is just 5-10 minutes of photoshoot :D

Not doing this every day i find that i need a bit of a warmup to get into it.

Nice shots.

Of course man. I've been doing it for years, usually don't have a problem with getting into the mood, before the shoot most of the time I'm spending time to get know person I photograph, so I'm kind of psychologist before I'm photographer.... Knowing person gives also a lot of confidence.

i do portraits every now and then so i feel that i need to get into it. most of the times i like photos at minute 15 much more than minute 5 :D i also found that more time helps for the model that is no used to being a model.

Getting to know a person helps a lot. Even for candid shots, people that know me just ignore my presence so candid photos are much better.