Unperfect is sometimes perfect.

in #photography8 months ago

So I keep playing around with my 10 dollars lens, while trying to focus and look at the viewfinder I sometimes realise - well that is unnecessary, it's my feeling and it's my view if I do it perfect would that really mean? No.... Who do I take pictures for ? For people to judge me or for myself. Usually each photoshoot takes no longer than 10 minutes, before the shot I've got initial idea what I'm going to do however in 10 minutes the execution is based on feeling of the moment. For me those 5-10 minutes photoshoots are like training, like going to gym and lifting weights just to build up other strength than getting picture ready - so I keep training because when actual gig comes up then I'm mentally prepared - and for technical aspects - yeah I know it is out of focus.

Are you perfectionist?