Black and White on film

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My other passion

Apart from being a full time mother and wife I also dabble with photography. I would definitely not call myself a photographer yet, but rather a practising photographer.

Digital cameras and Photoshop has certainly made it easier for more people to take plenty pictures and make it pretty after. I miss film cameras. There’s less margin for error and mistakes are expensive. You were more mindful of your focus and settings when taking a photo. I miss the anticipation of waiting for the film to be developed to see how your photos turned out.

Editing photos certainly has its advantages, but personally I’ve never been a fan. Maybe because I’m obstinate by nature. Maybe it’s because I still love the challenge of capturing a photo that doesn’t require any editing. I think it’s mostly my love of the challenge.

Below are scans of some of my photos taken about twelve years ago on black and white film.

Milla’s eye

Taken early morning in the Dubai desert

Taken at sunset in the Dubai desert

This was taken in Swaziland – Two dudes on a tractor drive

So what’s your opinion? Take as many photos as you can and delete the junk or challenge yourself to take the best possible photo the first time round. I’d love to hear from you.

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Nice pictures, you should add these to # steemitphotochallenge as well. Not sure how that works though.

Thank you @jacor. I did, but not sure how it works either.

Film. I've been wanting to look and buy a roll to keep one as antique.
Use to be afraid of the rays at airport check.
Now, with modern digital photography, my philosophy is shoot first ask later. :-)
Sometimes, you missed it, you lose it. For scenery more static, then can afford to find the proper angle and take decisions before clicking.

Tell me about it @ace108. I lost two rolls coming through customs from Austria back to South Africa! I cried!
LOL!! True that. When I photograph my kids (and my dogs!) I set it to sport, shoot and hope for the best.
Landscapes are easier, but with sunrise and sunset you literally have seconds again.

yes, i don't get much chance with sunrise and sunset well last time I almost missed one just because I was catching a pokemon recently. :-)

Gorgeous photos! I love film.

Me too @sethlinson. I still take out my old Pentax occasionally. It forces you to think before you do.

Very good photos keep them coming

Thank you @stardust. I have more in my arsenal.

These look great :)) thanks for sharing!

Beautiful photos @naomi-louise . Following you now like @giantbear told me to 😉 She's very demanding that one 😉 but I follow you because I want to ☺ and I enjoy your posts.

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