Nordic Drupes

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As some of you already know I am in Copenhagen (Denmark) for one month and something. I love the Nordics in general because they are just different (in general too), but nature is the one thing that I like better here. Thy have green spaces everywhere and it's absolutely amazing.

As you also know, I use to take pics of everything (literally) so here are some from one of those especial places.

As I'm not at home, these photos are not edited or anything, they come right from my phone, so sorry about that!

Hope you like it 🤗






P.D: I am using Dapplr for this post because I thought it would be good to test it now that I'm not at home. In general looks good but let's see what this post looks like after posting it.
Only one thing I'm not liking too much is that they are automatically set as 5% beneficiary of my post. Didn't they have a proposal approved? Hmmmm... The rest, I like, and maybe I consider using it in the future 🙂

I had to edit my post and upload all the photos on PeakD because this app absolutely broke my photos LOL. I am leaving below the ones posted through the app so you can see the difference. Now, I don't think I will use it again. 🤣

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I have only been at the airport in Copenhagen to wait for my next flight, but just from being at the airport it felt very open and welcoming, nothing compared to an ordinary airport, plus some nice bakeries there!

Like I said, they are different!
Thanks for stopping by 🤗🦄

Mi querida @nelyp que bueno saber de ti y de que estás disfrutando Copenhague, extrañaba tus publicaciones y tus fotografías. Gracias por compartir estas bellezas de la naturaleza, me encanta la luz y los colores que veo en estas fotos. Ciertamente, se nota que la aplicación dañó tus fotos, gracias por compartir este dato para tomarlo en cuenta por si alguna vez necesito publicar desde Dapplr, aunque después de saber esto, creo que no lo haré. Que todo siga bien, disfruta y cuídate mucho. Saludos, un abrazo grande.

Hola, linda! Sí, ya sé que no publico mucho pero es que no tengo tiempo! Y la app después de esta experiencia la usaré para comentarios y poco más... Para eso y curar por ejemplo es útil, que me rompan mis foticos así, no... Jajjaa. Abrazo.

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Hello dear friend @nelyp good afternoon
They have always spoken highly of Denmark to me, now you are checking it
What beautiful pictures your phone takes, I really like the blurring of the background of the images.
I appreciate very much that you let us know these beautiful photographs
Enjoy your stay a lot. have a wonderful afternoon

Gracias José Luis por ser tan amable siempre!

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Es un verdadero placer querida amiga. Extrañaba tus publicaciones, y tus hermosas ediciones.
Que pases una maravillosa noche y un feliz descanso

Nordic time, Nordic people, I want to go to Norway.

Go to Norway Yoni, and take me with you! 🤣

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You are an Unicorn, you don't have wins.

I need a Pegasus to take me there.

Thanks @nelyp for information, i will try it

Thanks for the visit! 😀

As I'm not at home, these photos are not edited or anything, they come right from my phone, so sorry about that!

Though the photos look beautiful. I am nature lover too and love greeny atmosphere.

And thanks for the information about dapplr i have not tried it yet but you have given us enough review.

Thank you!