Full of merit with a beautiful pagoda in the middle of a rice field, "Wat Tham Suea, Kanchanaburi"

Wat Tham Suea is a temple and tourist attraction located on a mountaintop in Tha Muang District. Kanchanaburi Province Next to Tham Khao Noi Temple, which is a Chinese temple located behind. It is known for its scenery surrounded by rice fields and for housing a large Buddha statue.







Use the Naga Sam Line Stairway, 157 steps, and there is also an electric tram service for 10 baht. Women cannot wear pants or short skirts. Must change into long pants. or a long sarong first) The air above is cool and not hot. And at the top you will see a view of the lake. and Vajiralongkorn Dam in wide angle There is a view of green rice fields in the back, beautiful no matter what season you go.



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