Rubus Sanguineus 🌸

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This is a common plant to the israelian landscape, In most parts of the land of Israel that are not desert.


It's a kind of thorny bush in the raspberry type of the rose family, reaching a height of up to 2 m.


The bush creates tangles on river banks, in springs and swamps, and in wetlands that hold water.


Its branches are long and tangled, covered with sharp, bent thorns.


Its flowers resemble the shape and color of the rose flower.


Plant bloom occurs in April to September, Its fruits ripen in July to August ready for picking.


The flowers are pink or reddish, and the fruits are green in the beginning and then turn red and darken later in ripening.


They taste sweet, sour and good to eat.

In Israel, raspberry syrup and jams are prepared from the fruit, and honey can also be made from them.

In ancient times they were able to make wine from its fruits and to use all its parts to prepare medicines for the healing of bleeding wounds and hemorrhoids.

The plant is also accepted by the Arabs of the land of Israel, they use is as a food, installs baskets and heals in all its parts various diseases in the body such as hemorrhoids, ulcers, skin diseases, abscesses, burns, gingivitis, angina, cough and genital infections.

You can also see @simba picking out some ripe black ones 😉


Canon PowerShot SX60 HS + Raynox DCR250 super macro lens


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