Photography: Flowers on my Morning River Walk

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Some beautiful early autumn flowers and other foliage along my walking trail with Lola today

I just love this time of year.

Get out there and enjoy this great big beautiful world of ours.










All photos taken by me today with my iPhone 8 Rideau River, Canada


Your photography is awesome.

Thanks.... I’m pretty happy with the iPhone camera

very nice! Fall is in the air today.

Thanks. I should have made a movie for HideoutTV too. Maybe tomorrow. How’s it going over there ?

Going good!! I am really happy with it. I have so many YouTube videos, I upload one or two a day. I usually only upload and never have time to watch any tho lol. Are you doing good still?

I’m doing Ok about $50/mo ... I’m doing much better on Appics and Blurt.

I signed into Blurt, but have not posted. Where is Appics on Blurt now?

Not sure where Appics is but you can still buy/sell APX on Steem-Engine. I just log into Appics and post my photos there like Instagram and get $ 3 - $ 10 per post.... so with 10 posts a day .... it’s pretty good.

So I need the app on my phone, right?

Yeah you need the app on your phone or iPad. Just post photos there all day long like you do with Instagram... Except earn $10 - $100 for every photo. Cash out to Steem on Steem-engine then convert to Bitcoin on ionomy or Poloniex ... And Blurt is even better.

Some people are making $100 per post on Appics. Almost as good as Uniswap airdrop ... 10 posts for $1,000


I am doing better on Blurt.

Beautiful shots, and nice angle...

Stay blessed @offgridlife

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Thank you very much.

You're most welcome @offgridlife

Stay blessed!

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Thank you so very much for these amazing flowers it was an amazing thing.

It is fall here so pretty much all of the flowers are retreating.

It looks like it's going to be a very hard winter.

You’re very welcome. It was a beautiful day out there today.

Yes it is we finally got all the smoke to go somewhere else