Photography: Some Pretty Ugly Pumpkins

in #photographylast month (edited)

What do you think of these trendy ugly pumpkins ? I think I’m going to get one this year.

This is from a photo I took at Loblaws on my way into work ... I think they are called Ugly pumpkins. I also liked the Fairytale and Cinderella pumpkins. I will need to go back and take some more photos.


Common Name(s): Cinderella

Other names: Rouge vif d’Etampes

Flavor and other notes: Gorgeous French heirloom with Glowing orange/reddish outside and large pumpkin that is a show stopping color for fall decor. It’s round and squat and looks like the Cinderellas coach in the fairy tale story. And it’s definitely edible! Don’t be fooled by it’s beauty. Cinderella pumpkins are super popular for decorating, but when you’re hungry, just know it’s a delicious dinner option.


A row of these would look great Leading up to the Front porch eh ? I wonder if we will have a Halloween this year ? Probably not. But we can still put out some Jack o lanterns right ?



Photos taken with my IPhone 8 with edits on Picsart app.