Bring Them Cats Please

in #photography3 years ago

Got two more coins airdropped into my Steem Engine wallet. I don't even keep track anymore and I know most of them will go to zero.

But I keep and stake them all and you should too. You never know, just in case.

Lately, I have a feeling like I'm an employee in one of the Wall Street brokerage offices.

Buying, selling, staking, transferring, delegating, un delegating.

Better than a Monopoly game. Except the money is real; still pennies tho, but a good practicing.

I keep all my steem powered up not to succumb the temptation to exchange it for a pile of shitcoins or an empty bag, as I'm sure we all did in the past.

The learning curve is long and expensive.

What about the cat and the title of the post you ask?

Check this x-mass photo I got from my friend. Isn't she adorable?

No cats on Steemleo?

Stay with me, please, read the whole post and then hit the downvote button if you think this post doesn't deserve the steemleo tag.


Steemleo is an investment Tribe and it should be the home of smart and savvy investors and entrepreneurs.

I find an interesting statement yesterday in one of the posts about the state of steem;

Too many tribes and chiefs and not many Indians.

Which is true if we don't bring new people on the steem platform.

Here my today's investment idea and advice:

I can guarantee that whoever forms the Kitty Tribe with Meow token on Steem Engine will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Imagine an online store with cat accessories, food, and toys accepting crypto payments.

Money pit, I tell you!

I will definitely buy a bunch of Meow tokens.

Crypto entrepreneurs, I'm waiting.

Bring the pussies.

And Indians.

Have a good one, my friends.


Is this @penticton's cat ? :) I would bet all my meow coins I have, that it is! :)

It is, indeed.
No Meow for you yet, but I can give you some Pal instead, hehe.

If somebody wants to airdrop me some MEOW. I'll take it AND stake it.

Probably do better than half the other tokens introduced so far!

This qualifies for Steemleo!


I'm backing sportstalk as it has the most potential to me for mass adoption and interaction. We are starting some fantasy leagues and competitions now which are fun and interactive.

What we will need are more tools for onboarding and ease of use for the blockchain. Then I can start to bring in friends to the site that never would be interested in steemit. But they do love sport and fantasy sports. I know hundreds who would love to compete and write about their teams and strategies for people to talk about. If they can earn some steem and buy sports equipment from it, even better.

Post all season and earn enough to buy the new jersey, a nice cap, tickets to the games. That would be the dream for a lot of sports fans. Hopefully we will get a steem connected debit card at some stage but that shouldn't be too far into the future going by other developments.

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Hey there Old Timer. Like a game of monopoly indeed. Honestly I don't know how you keep up with it. Then again many people look at my blog and wonder how I do my thing as well. Regardless, some great info and I'll keep checking from time to time as well. From Salinas Ecuador - Dan

Thanks for the chuckle 🤣😂
I think your right, that tribe would laugh all the way to the bank.

Brilliant idea sir oldtimer, only a matter of time. And that cat is gorgeous.