Western Australian Demo Reel

in #photography24 days ago

I have had a few projects recently where I needed to show a demo reel of some of my work, so here is some of my recent drone, land and scuba work from around Western Australia. Hope you enjoy it!

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Damn, this is just beautiful! Hope to see more of them here.

Thank you. There will be much more!

Awesome work, Paul!

hey good to see you again. stayed in Yallingup last year, showing off the country side to my kids. Geez W.A just keeps on going and growing. Cool video 😃

I live about 15 minutes from Yallingup :)

The sea is just calming

Heyy! Nice to see you on my feed again, welcome back!

Thank you! I've got some more posts planned to catch up on my year+ off :)

Looking forward to them!

Lovely, the wonderful views looking so refreshing to eyes.

Thank you :)