Frozen city blown by winds

in #photography4 years ago

Wind blows in Stavropol only twice a year. Six months it blows one way and six months it blows the other way.
This is how residents joke about the windy temperament of their city.
A few days ago, the temperature in Stavropol began to fluctuate from minus to plus temperature.
Fog fell on the city.
And here the wind was able to leave a visible mark on all objects in the city.
What came out of it? Look at my photos ;)











Despite the fact that walking under the winter wind is a little cool, I enjoyed the views of the city very much. I hope you had a good time too, scrolling my post :)


Hello friend, I hope you are well, it looks very rich although there was quite cold, the photos were great, you have an incredible technique to capture those fascinating moments that nature offers us, I congratulate you, blessings for you and your family. Happy weekend.

your comment is wonderful as always! thank you so much for your attention to my posts, Jorge! Have a nice weekend as well ^_^

It is beautiful, cold but beautiful.
You are very brave to go out in such weather.

i was also dressed well :D
thank you for stopping by, Neli :)

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