Very rare collection fish as a delicious and tasty fish

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Many people do not know about this fish . This fish is very delicious and tasty food. Actually my family do not show this fish before . When I had started to live in bardwman district . Bardwman district people know this fish . Most of the canals and rivers get this fishes. There are situated a canal in front of my home. Some months ago, my father caught this fish .


Actually This fish looks like helicopter . It is knowns as helicopter fish . Till last year, I have no any concept about this fish . Every place do not show this fishes . Truly It is very tasty fish . Maximum people do not eat this fishes head . Such as me is one of them. At first We fry this fish in hot water .After frying , I cut completely . Really It looks like original helicopter fish . For those who haven't seen this fish yet, take a look. In a word It is not available fish in any market . Really It is rare collection for every place .


The back of the fish...



Capture date : 9 june 2020

Phone camera : Mi a1

Fishes Catch by :My father

Capture by : @simaroy

Regards @simaroy


It's not helicopter fish. Helicopter fish are looking like this-

[image source: Wekipedia]

They are called "Short-nosed tripod fish", Scientific name is "Triacanthus biaculeatus".

But, I can't recognize this species. Looks like Jurassic Fish "Coelacanth". It seems to be one Black Scribbled Goby fish, a species of goby native to freshwater.

This is a local helicopter fish. It is known as helicopter fish in India and Bangladesh country . @Royalmacro Brother , you search google by typing bengali language .

No, it's not. @simaroy finally I recognized this fish. It's so-called the "Crocodile Fish"

A species of sleeper goby. It's not rare, found in marine, brackish, and freshwater habitats along the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. Scientific name is "Butis butis", commonly konown as "Crazy Fish"

May be . Through you I have come to know the exact name . i have no more idea about this fish . Actually It is known as helicopter fish among my local area and hooghly ,bardman district . Some months ago I did not know about this fish . Recently I started to live in bardmam .When my father caught this fish , local public said to us that It is helicopter fish and it is known as helicopter . Thanks for sharing and for actual information . From next time I will not eat this fish . As a fish lover , we ate this fish first time.

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Oo man looks like some piranha species. Look at it's Mouth , the sharp teeths can be seen. Didn't they bite? Be careful

These are very quiet nature fish. This fish does not bite at all.

Ooo looks a bit dangerous.thanks for posting

Helicopter fish?

Yes. It's helicopter fish.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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