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For blogger lovers,

as usual I will show some of my shots, the object is related to nature namely flowers.

After three months I bought it, it was the first flower to bloom. Oh, yes. The flower comes from the adenium plant. The color is yellowish white with decorated red color.




I think the flower is the result of a cross between adenium types, although I don't have the exact type.

I used to buy as many as 10 adenium seeds and now the remaining 9 because one has died. And the photo of the flower that I shared is from 1 plant among the 9 adenium plants that grow.




I hope later they can all flower with different colors and beautiful.


Hopefully useful and do not forget to give me your vote.

The picture is taken via Xiomi9 android phone.

Thank you

Best Regards


I don't like flowers that much but love nature and fruit plants I'm thinking of buying some for my room once the lockdown opens

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