Interesting fact on giant quail that is easy to see.

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Standard wisdom is that giant quail chicks grow 100% a day for the first couple of days. Sounded nuts, but it is close to right.

Here is a picture of the chicks a couple of days ago:
size ond day differrnce.jpg

The small chick is not a runt, he was born about 24 hours later than the others, that is the only difference.

Now look at a similar picture:

what a difference a day makes.jpg

They gave all grown a lot, but he still looks like a runt. In another 2 weeks; he will begin to catch up. In a month, you will not be able to point him out anymore....

BTW, They eat a Lot! :D I like their song, pleasant to hear. I won't mind having them outside, LOL!



At an amazing rate for certain! I have never seen anything grow this fast before. That is why people raise them for meat too.

Mine will be safer than that....


I am interested to see their photos as adults.

Soon, they do grow fast, LOL! I want to see those photos myself....