Swimsuit photoshooting... summer is here and its hot!

First of all i would love to have worked with @halo on this project, but i dont know where she is from. All that i know is a charismatic photo editor, and of course she has a body of an amazon, and a face of a goddess, probably the Greek goddess Aphrodite!

Never mind my mumbling, I had two models this time, the brunnete one is launching this summer collection, but she posed as a model too... and the blonde is one the most highly payed models in Greece. Enjoy.

Equipment used: Nikon D5, and sigma 50mm f1,4. Sony a7iii and 90mm f2.8 (macro lens) but its crazy sharp for portraits.





























































































































































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Great backgrounds you had 😀. Unfortunately plenty of ics aren't loading.

Τις θέλω όλες. :P

Thanks for the shout out , I would have loved to work with you too :) I am from America.

perfect... the planets have aligned 😍

Well working with two Greek goddesses must make the job a little easier right?

Geez, one of the first time I stumble on your posts that aren't shitposts and you got big downvotes on it, why ya'll gotta fight?

half of my posts are shitposts.. but i am an old whale.. so i am excused.. but when it comes for photography and sexy ladies i am serius... 😇

hehe i can tell :D

the ones shot in indirect light look better in my opinion.

little bit of skin retouching would be good if the selection was shorter :)

i dont edit them all. only the ones that are selected in the end. i just uploaded them raw. no edit.

straight out of the camera, they look good then :)

You get the girls and I get to shoot old buildings, hardly seems fair <..sulk..>

Smile, I cherish the suminsuit but I can not swim much just learning how to. I went a very big hotel here in Ilorin town with a very big swimming pool. Guess what? I doubled my swimming learning class. Thanks for sharing