New Zealand cycle! Scenery and sunset! 🌅

in #photography4 years ago

Part 1

I think I have found my new happy place


So this spot is awesome. Looks over the lake and there’s a bench right next to me, the sunset falls right down there so I will be coming here to watch it as often as I can!

I will start cycling to work soon so I will catch it on the way home :)


This is about 5 mins walk from my flat, so there are some awesome views I get to enjoy and a lake to walk around! But... now I have a bike! So let’s venture onwards! 😀


Last shot of the lake 😉



I found a beautiful garden, and it’s actually a huge attraction of this whole region. I didn’t go to the main parts as the sun was setting and I had to start making my way home, but, from what I saw it looked lovely and peaceful

Sunset time!


I have to start living up to my name 😜 I haven’t been posting many sunsets recently, so, here we go :)

I hope you have all liked these pictures 🌅

Peace and love!


OH MY ! Those are fabulous pictures. Thee sun looks huge too..... is that a trick of the light or does it always look bigger, or is it just y ou being the sunset hunter enlarging through your vision! 😍💛🔥🌅

Thanks 😀🌅 I am happy you’ve seen them:)

The sun represents my 3rd eye and is enlarged through my vision 😀❤️ Haha :)

It does tend to look huge here when it is low in the sky. The ozone layer is very thin over nz so it is really warm when the sun is out, even in the winter