a good shot, November 25th

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The width of the space behind the desk was about two feet. A pair of sneakers toe to toe would fit. The distance from the wall was about half that. The key to the proper room layout is to measure twice, buy once. Organization of space would lead to order in the mind, hopefully. It would at least beat hundred-dollar nights in Manhattan. As a data broker, the use of information generates revenue. That’s why friends come seeking counsel on crypto.


After work, they get together in each other’s cars and ride home, hit the devices, PC’s and Zoom calls, Discord and Facetimes, Telegram to Twitter. People I know hear and see a lot of noise. They wanna know what the fuss is about. There’s a lotta money in this and I’ve been doing this for years. How do I get started? You know, there’s so much information, and resources- I don’t know where to go. So, how about we set something up?

Some folks rather follow a figure than find out how to make it on their own. That’s alright, long as they’re not phony. You can pay for followers, but you can’t buy brains. Experience is found in the field. Walking in the cold, camera out, expanding your perspective with hundreds of repetitions, thousands of simulations, a million different situations to arrive at one outcome: a good shot.


The bias to follow authority remains among the lessons it pays to learn. Cognitive errors happen. Mistakes were made, cuz we’re only human. What my friends seek is a reader of the market’s room. They want a writer of ways to stay the course. You need a gamer with heart enough to not play around, to go for the win without hax.

Post Summary

  • Architect your environment to build success.
  • Information generates wealth, particularly, at this time of financial and technologic disruption.
  • Authority bias presents a problem, if we follow people without knowing where we’re going.