friends seeking finance advice, November 24th

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I have gratitude on this day in particular as the food rests and stores sit empty and closed. Within the peace, employees prepare to face an onslaught of customers aiming to buy now, pay later. The current shame is the payments aren’t forward, and in a changing world, perfect is value for your every dollar. I owe a fair bit, so believe me I know. I haven’t found a more effective meal at curbing hunger than Wendy’s four/4/four. You get what you pay for, but what’s the purchase price of an opportunity cost? You get this gadget 25 days before Christmas but how much time have you spent? I think the disconnect feels like the person you’re talking to isn’t listening. Investments might be lucrative if you remain informed- people follow trends like profiles online. But learning on WhatsApp that biotech’s what’s up isn’t an investment strategy.


Post Summary

  • Holiday shopping might be costing you more than the discounts you earn.
  • ‘Buy the rumor, sell the news’ only means something if you act accordingly.