gifting goods, December 4th

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The mess of fortunes from cookies looked like confetti, in a historic image. I cleaned out another item, photographed and read. The regular ritual complete, I had room to breathe. I did not think I could find thirty things in my presence to observe. What a challenge it was, to sit in the cold, idle. I rather meet people or eat a hot-dog, than await an outcome in the elements. I even trained my Pokémon at a stadium; I’m much closer to a trainer than a spectator. Yet, the state of the wallet, piggy bank and business cards in my possession suggests my relationship with my items could improve. Diderot’ does more than deliberate consumerism. He represents one of us.


Hope I take better care of my headphones.

Then what does the point & shoot depict? The Olympus Zoom must show the picture of legacy. Sometimes, I don’t imagine the consequences of short-term devices the way I ponder the possibilities in the future. Answering machines, we’ve become, with an automatic response to given situations. Apologize before you ask. Walk into someone rather than excuse yourself. Etiquette isn’t reserved strictly for sommeliers and wineries. The manner in which you conduct yourself reflects in your decisions and devices. I received a hand-me-down of this brand of camera, Olympus two or three years prior. Malakai, senior seduced by the arts graduated, but his aid and image inspired and remained with me. The duct tape holding the camera door allowed light to leak into exposures. The defect to some images adds character in other galleries. Having met another person after the same satisfaction. Having met another person after the same satisfaction within visuals, I felt more than moved to shoot film. And I have. Like Diderot, my next few purchases related to analog photography – light meter, full-frame body, light and backdrops. The impact of Malakai’s gift resulted in the continuance of a tale around the old-fashioned process, delayed gratification, and patience.


I felt the calling to continue the legacy and didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was pleased to learn that years later film found its way in their life. Reels, moments, and memories made movie stills – she had parties and basketball games photographed. I laughed. I was worried I wasted a neat device. In reality, I did everyone a favor twice. Lyso’s taking flix. I got a new kit. I’m taking too much care to quit.

Blog Summary

  • Diderot’s effect can become a useful story with habit stacking. Coupling associated tasks increase the likelihood you do them, like reading, writing, and photographing.
  • If habits are automatic responses, then the implication one could create desired, automatic responses is powerful.
  • Giving away feels like giving back, especially when the item has importance.

Interesting about the Diderot effect, you've led me to do some research on that. That doesn't happen to me, luckily I live in Cuba. You can't be a consumerist even if you want to be. LOL.
But I think my personality doesn't allow me to be that way.
It's also true that sometimes society pushes you into a spiral. Because if status... But man, I had that experience and I was disgusted with the person I became and because of that, I don't and will never give up on who I am.

Well, I read today, people tend to imitate three groups: the close, the many, & the powerful. I like to think I'm like the old. People with wisdom tend to place little value on material things and pay attention to what money can't buy. That's good for a guy with little money, like me.