straight to the city, November 21st

in #photography2 months ago

I wrote a guide a few days ago, on meaningful travel. I then conflated wisdom I gathered by writing it, and adventures to Manhattan from Boston for a friend’s birthday. The results might surprise ya. The inspirations for the guide came from reading material, two years old. I felt moved to travel to places important me, so New York for a birthday party sounded choice.


The images I took carry weight as I focused on one detail. My attention was on presence. To be specific, I write on mindfulness. I let inconvenience rush by like the N train. I used a wasted roll of film as an opportunity to learn more about my camera. I couldn’t help but fume that I missed a bus home, but I stayed open to counsel and did my best to remain patient. I brainstormed solutions out loud as my eyes followed people throughout Port Authority.


My reflection reveals I do not pay attention to the destinations and directions of trains, as I do in Boston. I’m happy my friends covered my tab many times as they did but I also spent as little as possible. I did not beg for espresso martinis and Vietnamese noodles and potstickers, but I did spend on film and fast food. My method of focus revolves around the concepts within the travel guide. I wanted to make moments into memories- so I took my friends’ portraits. I opened my eyes to see them, each individual. I looked into their eyes, then my viewfinder to confirm my composition. I wanted these expressions to reflect the bond that brings us together, from many faraway places. On this trip, I wasn’t able to meet all of my process— I failed to write each night. The images, both analog and digital are digital records I wrote, though.