the breakfast process, November 12th

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The windows spam the wall, filling the room with warmth. Afternoon light shines thru parted blinds, and chiptune music accompanies a video game exploration thru a cave. Can’t wage a war on an empty stomach, against inflation nor words without the proper fuel. Today’s fuel beats going on E— whether or not, fasting fits your fancy. Sausage, flattened into patties with care, sizzle in the copper pan. Coated with a nonstick spray, the pan lets the sausage grease itself from clinging, but remains ready for frying eggs. A burp erupts from a happy penman as he recollects the meal he ravished. The eggs, frying, sport so much seasoning the untrained eye questions it. “What’s that?” That, my hungry friend, is breakfast or brunch, depending on how much you want to charge. The sauce that rhymes with hollandaise adds a particular taste. Yummy pain, I though to myself as I feasted. Hunger might be the ultimate in the flavor of food. But I cannot treat a family or spouse to fast food every time they’re hungry, like I can for myself.


What can I eat then? For breakfast, I might just decide: hot or cold. The afternoon sun only kindred later beams so much so, a long sleeve shirt no longer feels appropriate. Far from the drizzle on the night before, within closed windows, you might even want a cold beer. If breakfast must be cold, I have options: cereal and blended beverages. With beverages, optionality. With cereal… I can enjoy breakfast on the others day more. If I decide for a hot breakfast, I can resort to brewed like the frugal folk of old. Throughout history, bread’s been both a staple and bargain. As I’ve little money and a lotta appetite. I don’t think Diderot would encourage an attachment to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or any other establishment offering bites at my hard-earned dollar’s expense.


I always battle for keeps. This is no drill!

I met a man with a collection once. He shares a taste for men’s entertainment magazines. That night, I spent money I didn’t have and still owe now. I wonder. What exactly does one do to collect? I believe, it might be the founding of a system of regular acquisitions. My collection of crypto, for example, dwindles as I occasionally tap it for food + dates; Taraz suggests I shouldn’t. I collect Pokémon, pictures and a buncha junk. These newspapers I got piling up might contain a wealth of books, recipes and fashion pieces but a slouch wouldn’t ever take the time to read ‘em. At the moment, I’m gaming to learn a new skill and habit. I want to become the kind of collect who doesn’t slack on his selection or his process.