training and gaining, November

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I thought about the facts of my life I found irrefutable. I’m a commuter, a traveler on foot, finding his way thought the city streets. I walked places, especially as anywhere I couldn’t get on foot, I deem an effort. I enjoy reading as I become someone who might write a book or photograph people and their stories. I’m certainly a great value gourmand, looking for my dollars’ worth in a world of prices inflating like a balloon. I must not be someone who cooks very much, given how much I skip breakfast. Maybe like monks reflecting on the Way, mine is to abstain partially so as to further savor the meals of which I partake. Hearing my friends on their adventures reminds me how I enjoy training, whether myself or my Pokémon. Two slices of pineapple delivered vitamin C and crackers scooping up tuna gave Omega B3’s and fatty acids to a habitually stoic eater. The sun shines on another day as I walk to earn another dollar. Construction jobs flow as workers operate heavy machinery under the smiling eyes of officers. The city breathes deeply with life, her growth a result of many, small contributions.


These hours folding clothes might go on record as seasonal, but the Way in small steps forward stands the test of time. How many of the aims we have fall through as we maintain old ideas and resist new thought? These minutes writing out my problems and processes prove my identity: creator, writer, photographer, and trainer. Imagine- a device almost 17 years old still drives home a good time. Why? Love for the process means we don’t want a single thing- “to beat the game”. The saga continues. Sirens blare as authorities pursue a culprit. This trainer wants to raise his team to a balanced point and compete against our toughest trial yet: the Final Frontier. Electric types move quickly, dealing damage with special attacks and inducing paralysis- the occasional inability to act. Glass cannons, some take very little damage to tap out. In the lens of a camera, electric Pokémon are portraits of athletes: speed and power, delivered with technique. I may not specialize in pure Electric-type play, but my game charges up with each point of experience- from these habits.



This Omar guy is rocking fresh kicks every time I see him in your photographs.