Tuck's Backyard : Season 4 : Episode 1 - Deadly Creatures

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Hesperiinae Hominid-manducare aka Man-eating bufferfly

Flesh eaters by day, bat killers by night, these vicious creatures are known to eat ten times their own weight in human flesh in a single day. I braved getting as close as I could with my trusty Nikon P900 that can take closeups from 1200 miles away. As you can see by the damage on one of it's wings, someone escaped by the skin of their teeth.


Araneae Invisibilia aka The Invisible Spider

These sneaky bastards are what I fear the most. You never know where they are, yet ... there they are. I was lucky enough to catch this one on film for #science, because otherwise no one would ever be able to see one in the wild.


Anisoptera Felis Catus aka Dragonfly Cat

The Dragonfly Cat is a gorgeous creature, but don't let it's cuteness fool you! That tail is equipped with enough power to knock a grown ass man 10 feet backwards due to the electricity it generates with it's wings. It's bright green color serves as a warning, but since humans generally consider green to equal "go" or "safety" these winged terminators end up accounting for the deaths of over 500,000 humans every year.


Bryophyta Caro Comedenti aka Flesh Eating Moss

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside again, Bryophyta Caro Comedenti is waiting for you to venture out barefoot. Disguised as your everyday moss on a rock, this killer is just waiting to devour some foot flesh as unsuspecting hikers or backyard enthusiasts stroll close enough for it to latch onto them with it's razor like tenticles.


A boring double rainbow ... yawn

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Killer hornets please.
Those were supposed to be the og scare for 2020.

I'll try to get some for S04E02

Ahahahah i love all of it 😄
Ps : Ladybugs are bitches too
Double Ps : P900 is great to look at what the stars are 🙂

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i'm going to be so much more careful of my foot flesh from now on! thanks for the info, Tuck. Prolly saved some lifes out here.

Indeed. Walk safe my friend!