Uzamaki Halloween

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There are two types of girls when it comes to Halloween. The ones that take advantage of the free pass to dress sexy and then there’s me.

I love Halloween and all the disgustingly grotesque makeup looks to go with it. Take a cute girl and make her terrifying? Sign me up! I spend most of my year watching special fx videos and dreaming about the day when I’d have the courage to try sclera contact lenses. They up the creep factor for any look! I used to attend Minneapolis’ Zombie Pub Crawl. This was before the tickets got expensive and the event lost its luster. I’d take my favorite characters, bloody them up or zombify them! This event used to fuel my creativity.

The last couple of Halloween’s, @guthrie and I have been a pair. We would’ve done the same this year but I ran out of cash for my half of the costume. Hence, the spooky makeup. I have no problems with looking creepy but I worry about my little guy freaking out. He’s either gonna say it’s cool or he’s going to act like it doesn’t scare him. This was my first spin with this Uzamaki inspired makeup look. It could use some work but now I sort of know what to anticipate and how much time I’ll need to recreate it. If you’ve never heard of Uzamaki by the talented Junji Ito, then I recommend you look it up!

Photo taken by @kommienezusapdt and edited by me.

I gotta go to bed now. Sweet dreams! 🦊


Very cool indeed! Uzumaki has been in my list for years, but now I am waiting for Black Friday to finally order it. There is an anime version coming soon, too.

That is very cool. My daughter is definitely going to like it. She is a big fan of JInji Ito.

That’s awesome!! I hope this inspires her to try out an Ito inspired Halloween look too!

Never heard of that.. and now I know! :)

Yes! Please check it out if you’re into scary stuff!

Why would anyone need a free pass to dress sexy? 🤨

Face paint looks good! Isn’t it normal to be freaked out at Halloween anyway 😝

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I agree! Cuz sexy doesn’t fall on one day of the year! 😄

Thanks! Yeah the face paint was so much fun! I guess I’m so used to people telling me that I had to look anything but creepy for Halloween but that’s not me!!

cool Idea :) ... I like this black and white :)

Thank you!!

Npr 👌😊 I try come look more soon 👍


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Thanks dude! For this evenings festivities I’m gonna go in with an ink liner to make it look more comic bookie!

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Looks great! Nice job capturing the look pf that panel. Also, that comic is a must have.