Some Visual Flashbacks From My First Visit At Hard Rock Cafe In Bucharest

in #photography2 months ago

For today I've also decided to share a brief post consisting of some visual flashbacks I managed to retain from my first visit at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest in 2010. For rock fans out there, feast your eyes!

Kick drums on the ceiling

Tony Iommi's Guitar.JPG
Tony Iommi's guitar (Black Sabbath guitarist)

The Beatles 2.JPG
The four Beatles, left to right: Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr

Tears for Fears 1.JPG
The legendary Tears for Fears (TFF) Warwick bass on display on one of the walls

Tears for Fears 2.JPG
... and the caption for the TFF Warwick bass

Pink Floyd - The Wall.JPG
Pink Floyd's The Wall promotional poster for the Nassau Coliseum concert on February 27, 1980

Elvis Presley iconic framed photograph

The Beatles 1.JPG
The four English lads who deposed the King

Promotional poster for a Radiohead concert from 2001 at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey


This is a place where I go quite often for nachos and some beers...

I had so many beers there, that I've made good relations with the staff. Look, they even let me play tunes on some of the guitars: