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TROLLTUNGA - meaning "the trolls tongue". I think the pictures explains why the best. It is one of the most popular single nature attraction in Norway.

1 Trolltunga.jpg


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BEFORE YOU GO you should be aware the distance and conditions. It is 11km one way, and the main portion of the ascent is in the very beginning. Taking you up a steep stone stairway in the mountain side. There are great differences in the seasons - be prepared. Every year tourists are being rescued, after attempting this trip unprepared. Certain periods of the year are not recommended – or as translated into sign-language below; "STOP! Danger of Death!".

That said; these photos are form early May. My girlfriend, at the time, and I spent about 3 hours in on foot, on firm snow. If you do not come in high heels or sandals, are fairly familiar with the outdoors, the weather is clear and plan with enough time to get back down before nightfall - this will be a very pleasant day-tip for you.

3 Starting.jpg

EXPECT SNOW in the winter half of the year. Bringing cross-country skis will shorten the trip drastically. You will have to carry them up the first part though.

4 Snow.jpg

THE LOCATION of this attraction is in Tyssedal in Odda kommune. You will have to drive up a narrow road till you get to the starting point. It is well marked all the way from Odda town center.

Maps 1.jpg

Map 2.jpg

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This was part of my Slice of Norway Series. A "bite-size" portion of Norwegian nature. It is not meant as a travel guide, but as a piece of inspiration to those may find it interesting.

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Hi warjar :) Jerry recommended me stop by!! What a beautiful picture - I totally get why they call it "the trolls tongue". Hey, one slip on that ice and you are a gonner dude!! I can see why that beautiful place is one of the most popular nature attractions. So, it sounds like you are no longer with that girlfriend you had at the time? Maybe this hike you took her on was too much for her (LOL). Absolutely stunning photos!! Thank you for sharing and thank you for risking your life for your Steemit Friends :) Love you Friend..SUNSHINE247

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the post @sunshine247!

You are absolulely right about the risk of slipping. There was a guided tourist group also going there that day. One of the girls was making her way upward the tongue, when she actually did slip on the ice. I got irritaded and, I guess afraid, watching her as I saw it comming. I was standing were the first photos were taken, out of reach to step in. Based on her choice of footwear, the way she moved her body and lack of attention - fickeling with her cellphone... She both looked and behaved as she had come directly from a downtown club the night before. Luckily she fell a few feet from the edge, and got away with the scare.

How frightening!! Thats not a place you want to wear clubwear thats for sure - I am actually laughing at the thought of someone not being dressed appropriately for that type of hike and weather cracks me up!!! Thank you so much again for sharing and also taking the time to reply here - Have a GREAT start to your Wednesday warjar :) SUNSHINE247

Beautiful photos! I like the "Stop Danger of Death" season!

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it seems much more exciting in norway

Hi @needhunt!

I'm not sure which country you are comparing it to. However, being a quite rugged country with lots of fjords and rapidly climbing mountains - you can find much interesting and challenging terrain throughout all of Norway.

I have plenty more, and not just the already know tourist attractions like this one. The ones I'm most eager to share is the ones that I expect might surprice people. Landscape they did not expect to find in Norway.

If people are interested in more of this, I will keep posting.

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Now this is what I call interesting!

Thanks! Next one coming very soon.

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nice foto


Norway looks great. First time I am looking at close pics :) Thanks for sharing

Thank you for the nice comment @pisolutionsmru!

After seeing your drone video I remember there was a guy with a drone on Trolltunga on this trip. Perhaps some of these locations would be interesting for you and your drone =) I would make sure my drone-control skills are honed first though - it's a long way down =) Lost a pair of shades hanging over the edge... had plenty of time to regret it before they hit the ground.

Nice one! I just got back from there a week ago. It was a fun experience. :)

Awesome @creutzy!

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very nice photography is that you in red shirt in the photo @warjar

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