Water Droplet Photography

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I brought out my water droplet kit again to play as we are back in lockdown in the UK, so we can't really go far to take photos.


I decided to play with water, tinted with a little food colouring to start with...



Although I love the shape the above image has, the food colouring didn't really show up that well, so I decided to play around with some coloured card underneath the water bowl and behind it and got some really creative shots...

This next image reminded me of a planet with an incoming comet!


This final image is my favorite of the shoot. I love abstract photography/art, and this image combines both perfectly for me.


Let me know what you think of the images in the comments!

Much love, C and the Bulldogs xx


Beautiful as always. Greeting and a blessed new year! @beautifulbullies

Thank you so much Sheryl! Happy new year to you too :)

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Very imaginative and creative images and pin sharp too 📷👍
What were your camera settings? Cool post. 👍

Thank you :) I was using a Nikon D610, a tamron 90mm macro lens, the aperture was at about F8 I think and I used a 3 second exposure in a dark room, using an off camera flash to capture the shot

Nicely done and thanks for the info

These are soooo cool! Don’t know how you can pick a fave as they’re so unique. I really need to try this technique and it looks like I’m being furloughed soon so should have time. Do you need any expensive equipment to do this?

Thank you sweet! I hope you are taking care to keep safe. No, you don't have to use expensive equipment, you can just use a dripping tap if you wanted to. I do have the miops splash kit, but I have done some water droplet photos before just using my camera, a flash and a dripping tap :)