Grand Canyon - How it started

Today I want to share with you some of the photos I took on my first photography tour back in 2009. It's been quite a long time and I've learned a lot about landscape photography over the past 12 years. But interestingly, I still like those early photos a lot and I think they show that my photography style hasn't changed much since then.

Yaki Point

After arriving at Grand Canyon Village in the afternoon and some brief exploration along the rim, I set out early the next morning for my first real photo shoot. I hadn't scouted the area around Yaki Point before, so I stumbled around in the dark for some time until I found a promising composition with a little tree framing the majestic scene in front of me.

It was a stormy morning and once the sun peeked through the clouds it provided some dramatic light. This morning I captured one of my all time favorite photos.

The next morning I went back to encounter yet again dramatic skies over the rim, which I used to take a more abstract, close-up of the distant mountains and then another wide view, photographed directly from the viewpoint.

Mohave Point

The great thing about visiting the South Rim in late March was the weather. There was a storm nearly every day and this provided beautiful light. In the evening I spent a lot of time at the different viewpoints near Grand Canyon Village. My favorite view was from Mohave Point.

One evening low clouds and dust were dancing around the edges of the canyon and I captured this glimpse of the Colorado River beneath.

As a storm moved in, the light got even more dramatic and I again tried some closer shots of the distant North Rim.

I still have very fond memories of this visit to the Grand Canyon. I kind of ignited my passion for landscape photography and I hope that some time I'll make it back.


Come on!
That is too freaking good.
I have quite a few photos of my own from there, but hey I don't want to bring them out right now as yours are way better!

No, please show them anyways. I was just lucky. Without that weather it wouldn't have worked that well I guess ;-)

These beautiful photos are absolutely breathtaking and really help to capture the grandeur of the canyon. Bravo!

Oh wow these are some great shots! Wish I as good as a new photographer as you were back then.. :D

Hey Geroge, just this morning I was looking at your post from Thailand and I thought, once we can travel more freely again I have to put it finally on my list. You are quite lucky to call such a beautiful place your home now. I could certainly use some beach time ;-)

Oh I tell all my friends that it is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life! Would love to see your photos from here one day! ^^

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