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RE: The 1973 Bahama Independence Proof Issue $10 Silver Coin - Part Two of Two

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Gorgeous coin my pirate sister! Columbus was a very complex figure hated by some and adored by others. He is often framed as a hater of native people however he actually petitioned on several occasions for their well being and adopted a native son eventually. Like I said complex. Thanks for sharing and happy #piratesunday!!

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There is likely much more to the story and my lack of understanding 15th century Spanish and cultural context puts me at a disadvantage in trying even get a glance of any original documents let alone flawed documents. And you may correct my Swashbuckling bro, it is history and at this point the man should be judge in the entirety of his career actions rather than just on his brief impetuous youth. God knows how heavy his heart may have been in his later wiser years.
You got feel for poor Capt Juan though.
I hope you had a little chuckle of the impassioned discussion between Columbus and Juan. ☠😂

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Oh I was not criticizing in any way my pirate sister, you are correct that like all things life and people are intricate and amazingly complex things.
I believe your information is also part of the story and I loves the realistic exchange as well as the fact it reminded me of Monty Python The Holy Grail. As always ypur epic and so full! Thank you again for sharing and Keep it up!!

PS: of course I feel for Captain Juan whom seems to have been the fall guy to say the least.

Oh but feel free to Critique. Besides, I got my eye on getting that Columbus Commemorative half dollar in my travels.