The 1993 Malta 5 Lire Commemorative 430 Years in the Defense of Christian Europe

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"Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects." ~ The Bloody Raven

I’m a bit early for #piratesunday but here it is for today, my third acquisition from the Nikkei Coin Show of September 2019.

430 Years in the defense of Christian Europe

Denomination Maltese Lire Lm 5, ecu 10, 0.925 Sterling Silver, 25g
38.5mm Diameter, Mintage of 35000, by Valcambi Switzerland
ECU stands for European Currency Unit

Cross of the Knights Hospitaller use under Public Domain

The history of Malta is that of a long story of surviving numerous Empires in it’s bloody history. My impression of this Commemorative coin is it represents the Naval order of St. John, the Knights Hospitaller as the knights themselves. The Island of Malta had been under various Imperial rule over the ages and one such significant chapter lay during the age of the Holy Roman Empire.

Malta was granted to the Order of the Hospitaller as a home base by Charles V after the loss of Rhodes to the Turks in 1522. To the Ottomans the Island of Malta was the ideal and a logical strategic locale to stage a naval Invasion of Europe situated between Tunisia and Sicily. Though the 1565 siege of Malta by the Ottoman empire was the pivotal battle Naval power was key to maintain the defense Europe and Malta for the many years after.

Levée du siège de Malte by PHGCOM under CCO 3.0

In the history of the Naval Order of St John its peak of power came in the 17th Century with the mixed fleet consisting largely of Galleys but also Galleons, Carracks, Frigates or Xebecs. Despite it’s unusual mix of various used and captured ship types and classes it was still very effective when well led.

Where is Malta?
Location of Malta by NuclearVacuum under CCO 3.0


Malta, Coat of Arms, 1993
Numista Data


“The Devil will hang on his own Gallows.”


1565 Malta

The sound of the Mediterranean surf washed over the rocky cliffs and beaches of the shore. The pleasing rhythm was calming to the soul punctuated by the distant cries of seagulls aroused by their search for food in the break of day. The sun had yet to peak over the maritime horizon as enough light begins to reveal what the sea had bought in the night. Yet the stillness and peace were not indicative of the events that led to this moment. They were coming.

The previous evening reported the great influx of local merchant and fishing vessels into the harbor sanctuary. Reports of a massive invasion fleet determined to bring war is expected to arrive.

Brother William has been an officer in the order of St. John Hospitaller for ten years and eldest son of a Noble house before committing himself to God’s work at the St. Augustine Dioces before he got the call to be a knight of the Order not long after. He had been stationed here on Malta for over three years by now and had been well acquainted with the routines of the numerable ordinary tasks other than time devoted to prayer and study.

The Night watch was somewhat mundane, but he relished it as his quiet time in his personal communion in spiritual thought and reason. He recites Scripture as he paced the length of St. Elmo’s North eastern battlements over watching the approach to the harbors, his audience Brothers Perceval and Michael whom are charged the wall at his right, or perhaps the idle birds resting on the outward facing cannons, and maybe also the stars should they have ears to hear. In the torch light his broad mantle contrasted with the prominent white cross emblazoned on his chest always reminding him of his brothers in arms and the commitment to the faith that buoyed their souls.

As many brothers prayed within the walls of St Paul’s Parish, the Grand Master Jean de Valette had already briefed all officers of the brotherhood to be vigilant. We were prepared to the best of our abilities and pray that relief shall arrive in a God’s timely manner.

The early morning daylight begin to unveil the unmistakable forms emerging from the dark. They begin take a clear form against the emerald blue Mediterranean Sea. The Ottoman banners and Pirate flags are first illuminated by the early sunlight to reveal their cursed unholy allegiances of darkness.

The ships distinguished by their unique shaped sails and stout wooden hulls. There was no secret about it as the Barbary ships and the Ottoman navy were one in the same, Suleyman's attack dog Barbarso's pirate ships have been savaging and pillaging along the European coasts for far too long, so in God's name we pushed back, and now it comes to this. The fate of Holy Europe may rest on our hands and God's holy providence.

There were many ships, more than he had ever seen. Each filled with all manner of man, beast, and machines of war. His hand tightened on the hilt of his sword as he ascertained the immense numbers and power of the enemy. "There must be more than thirty thousand against our meager six thousand we could muster! Oh, my Lord, guide my sword."

Suleyman is making his move.

"It is the time the Lord puts our faith to the test!" Reaching for the hammer he then strikes the bell with all his strength, "To arms! To arms! God bless our Grand Master wisdom this hour! Tonight, the Devil will hang on his own gallows!”


And for my friends into the Banknotes

1969 Central Bank of Malta, One Pound
P.L. Hogg Signature, Reference Pick #29a
1, George’s Cross, Pietro Annigoni version of Queen Elizabeth II, Lire m


1 Malta Lire, Marsa Industrial estate, One Pound
Printed by the Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. (England)

Again, thank you to my friend, and mentor Punky’s Dad for loaning me this banknote from his collection.

I hope you enjoyed this coin feature, thank you for stopping by for a read.


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

New World Encyclopedia,
Tourists site Visit
The Central Bank of Malta
Naval Order of St John
“The Devil will hang by his own gallows” Quote by Jon Bloom


“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”


You have an awesome variety of coins. This is another I've never seen but would like to add to my collection. Thanks for sharing it @kerrislravenhill.

Just lucky finding a few big coins with a sailing ship theme at the show. If it had a link to Pirates the better as in this case the Barbary pirates have been attacking and pillaging villages along the European Mediterranean coast as mentioned in the fictional story.

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What a very awesome Malta silver acquisition from the coin show sis, @kerrislravenhill, and such an appropriate design to add to your booty! And superb historical background about the 430 years in defense of Christian Europe. Thank you!
🏴‍☠️ I love the Christian names you chose for your story. Sometimes I don’t know when fiction begins and ends, lol😂
Keep stacking those beautiful silver designs, sis... and have a beautiful pirate weekend!🥰🌺😍😘🤙

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Sis @silversaver888, you can understand the amount of time and research I put into my articles. 🤓 I always learn a lot doing this and often run off in tangents. The fun part is the fictional segment putting a human face into what the coin represents at the time. I blame this on a habit of indulging in reading those saucy paperback Historical Romance novels I buy (often got free) from used book stores. 😊 It all ties in together.

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@kerrislravenhill Always Appreciate the Tremendous Support that you have for #PirateSunday

It's the swarthy company, fine kinfolk , and seasoned stacking pirates that keep me here sir.

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That is an awesome piece my friend. You sure know how to pick them.👍

Thanks @silverd510, a good coin or round has to have a story around it. As the writer I write what I see in it and give it relavence and a life its own.

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A gorgeous pick up and I absolutely love the history not to mention the simple amazing story! As always my pirate sister you have put did yourself!! Thanks for sharing!!

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There were other coins at the show that would have made great subjects but the prices were just too high at the time. There was a lovely crown sized sterling coin with a pair of gorgeous sailing ships from the Caledonian islands, regretting having to leave it behind. However, I got lots of great coin writing projects still on the docket, I just need the time. Thanks @dwingsworld!

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I totally understand about time my pirate sister! I know that no matter what you write it will always be epic and have grace about it.

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