Yea, I was feeling pretty down for a lil bit. But, looks like I got it in time and the seeds are limited to couple buds from what I see. My 2nd Auto got hit too, I cut her as well. Im kinda hoping I get a good seed from the auto It would be Auto plus Bag seeds. My smallest plant was the culprit, I put it on a pedestal and it was much higher than the rest. I found the herm/seeds on an auxiliary branch of the plant and the seeds at the top of the other plants. The auto was right next to it was hit in the inner middle. My last plant Im worried but, I also want to see the whole process with these herms because it might be worth it...the buds are super sticky, pungent and the smell is what I like. Thanks man

I once had a pineapple chunk growing, and it had the biggest colas of anything I grew. I was so pumped. But one day I found a male flower, and closer inspection I found a make flower at each bud site, and all of them where tucked under the bottom! Almost didn’t even see them. Luckily it just seeded itself.

you have made a nice recovery

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my pleasure

yeah i feel so too

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