Share your Battle Challenge: A Dragon Hidden Gem!

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challenge dragons.png

Dragon cards are well known for their power! But, not every Dragon card has attack which it´s not a problem if you have other damage dealers in your team. So, this time I bring you a match with a really powerful Non-attack dragon card: "Dragon Spirit".

Dragon Spirit.png

Let´s see how this little soul helps us win a Brawl battle!

Battle Link:

The strategy for that battle was to keep my oponent´s monsters with low speed in order to maximize their posibilities to miss their hits against my Dragon Spirit. I used Quix as a summoner because of the -1 Speed and the Creeping Ooze for an extra -1 Speed. Once the difference of speed was settle and my tank (Dragon Spirit) was in the first position, I had to choose my damage dealers. I pick up Venari Wavesmith because it can provide Magic Damage (useful to go throw armor) and also adds armor to my team! Finally, I pick up Uraeus at lvl 2 because it offered me a 2 damage monster with the Sneak ability, this was the key to deal with the enemy healer (Meerdali Guardian).

To conclude, I think that we should pay more atention to tanks without damage and if we are playing a Dragon Summoner we should own a copy of Dragon Spirit (also strong for the Earthquake ruleset).

I hope you can find this strategy useful for your matches. See you next week!