Do it wholeheartedly

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Things that are done with a happy and happy heart will not feel beat, this is the work that I do every day for a period of one year, the activities that keep me motivated are my wife and future children

Working from night to morning, the first thing before work is that I prepare tools to support work, such as mops, brooms and glass cleaners, I first check the area that I will work on, to make sure there is no dirt scattered

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I do all of this diligently, even though this job doesn't make me rich, at least it can make me able to continue my life and my family, a comfortable work environment is very pleasant at work, everyone is kind and helps every job.

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I always check the swimming pool because I have to make sure there's no trash or animals in the water, I do this just before morning, because the swimming pool is open to the public from six in the morning to six in the evening. After that, I take a short break while drinking coffee black

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I haven't written in a long time, I hope hive friends still remember me, and I'm very happy to be active in this community again, thank you very much