A Change For Better Life

in #pob3 months ago (edited)

Everyone needs to change their life better but the fact can be different. I have tried hard but the change still looked far. Until I do not have idea what to do because I need outside factors.

Jobs, income and place of works are outside factors that I need. However, the condition looks the same. I have no idea what to do.

I do not understand what I am doing as if stumbling and facing a thick wall. Doing business is not a solution if the business does not make any profit. Working is not possible because no good users who employs me.

I do not know what to do then. I want to change for the better life. I do things that give me an opportunity to be better.

I have a great expectation on Hive. I wish I could stake more tokens because my Hive earning is not good. Tokens give me more chance and they are affordable as the investment for the future.

I may be pessimistic about Hive earning because the earning has dropped sharply for months. The low earning make my post is getting worse. I need some money to take some photos in a certain area. The activities are not free. Getting lower income from Hive makes the condition worse. That is a bad situation. I have nothing to do. Finally, I post about politics that more readers do not like. I hope the Hive price will be 1 or 2 dollars so I can make better income from Hive.


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Credit: persephone87
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