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Today I am very busy with my business. My hardwork to promote my products ice mambo have gained result. There are more new customers who like my products.

In the morning , I start selling my products at 9.00. I go home to have lunch at 12.00. After that, I go to my place to sell my products again at 1.30. I go home at 6.00 pm.

My earning is not so big from my profit but it is enough in my country. It is around $10 daily. I want to increase my production two times but I think I need more energy. I think about saving money to rent a space and sell various cold drink products in the future. My main products will be displayed in the counter.

I hope in the next three or four months I can rent a small space to open a cold drink counter. A small space costs around $50 a month. If I can make $20 a day, I think I still make a good profit.

I hope I can rent a space on the side of the street in a strategic location.


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