Republican Will Control House

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Although the counting of votes has not ended, the Republican Party is certain to control the United States House of Representatives. (House of Representatives) The provisional score is 219 seats for Republicans and 206 for Democrats.

This victory will make the position of the Republican Party even stronger in the presidential election in the coming year. In addition, the control of the American House of Representatives will make it difficult for the Joe Biden government to pass laws that are contrary to the political views of the Republican party.

This will change American policy in the years to come. It could be that the policy of supporting Ukraine by sending millions of dollars in aid will be hampered.


The Republican Party won the so-called mid-term election in November 2022. This victory became a new beginning after 4 years the House was controlled by the Democratic Party.

As for the state governor elections, Republicans control 25 states and Democrats 24 others currently. There is still one state territory left. Prediction victory is on the Republican Party. It is likely that the Republican Party will control 26 states.



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