I started listening to 'Serial Killers' podcast

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Self Portrait from last year. Just felt some 'detective' vibes here so gonna use this pic in here XD

I'm also quite a detective here on Hive you know

I usually listen to music while I wash the dishes but the other day I didn't want to, but I felt it's pretty boring to just hear the noises of the plates.. Then I remembered that podcasts on Spotify exist, so I checked that out.

I've listened to podcasts on Spotify before but I was kinda not interested that time and then just forgot about it.

So I browsed the podcasts section and there were several categories: comedy, art, entertainment, horror stories, etc.. But one series caught my attention: Serial Killers.

Basically, this podcast talks about real serial killers. Their life, how they did their crimes, how they were caught, etc.. Those things interest me not only just cos I'm curious how they killed their victims, but the psychology of the crimes themselves.

This podcast doesn't just narrate the stories, but they did some research on each serial killers too. So, you're gonna learn a bit of psychology while listening to it as well.

First one I listened

I first listened to the story of Hannibal the Cannibal. I only heard of his name cos he's pretty famous lol but didn't really dig deeper on his life. Like most of the serial killers, he had a terrible childhood as he was abused and neglected. I'm not gonna spoil much but basically all he wanted was to get the help that he needed (to consult a psychiatrist and undergo treatment) but the system failed him.

The mind is pretty complex and powerful that it can hide the trauma from your conscious state, but still let your subconscious mind affect what you do in your life. Just like "Hannibal the cannibal", his mind struggled to seek justice for the trauma he had experienced in his childhood and found those temporary satisfaction by killing pedophiles.

Obviously, he is sick in his mind but these psychological explanations aren't to justify what he's done, but rather, to understand why he was driven to do such things.

After I listened to the part I, I was looking for the part II but I struggled to find it and thought they were cunts for leaving me hanging. XDD Until I realized I was listening to the most recent podcast and that I have to wait for another week to get to the part II.

Review of this podcast (kinda)

I like this podcast very much cos like I mentioned earlier, they don't just narrate the stories, but gives you out scientific research information about the topic itself. I've listened to other podcasts before (though I forgot which ones) but all they do is narrate, which is pretty boring.

The way they narrate is pretty smooth as well. Often times when I listen to something, I lose my focus cos there are times I needed to comprehend what they were saying cos some use difficult words or some just narrate too fast (like Youtube videos kinda fast). I'm a visual learner, so it was quite surprising I was able to follow and understand the story pretty well even though I am also washing the dishes at the same time.

The thing that I like in this podcast too is that THERE WERE NO ADS LMAO. In some podcasts, they insert ads a lot. Like twice in one episode. It's pretty annoying but I know it is needed to keep their podcast going. In this one, I appreciate that they care about the readers' entertainment and didn't add those ads.

I also just saw that they have a new series that is specifically about medical professionals who purposely harm their patients. The series is called Medical Murders and of course that caught my interest as well. I haven't listened to it yet but I will soon. :D

I enjoyed this podcast and I will continue listening to it. Of course, if there is one podcast that I recommend, it is this.^ Hope you enjoy it too. :D


I haven't heard this. The only podcast I knew is the sleeping podcast. 😆 But I do listen to audiobooks, mostly crime and mystery when I do the laundry. It makes me forget how tiring to wash those dirty clothes are.

True, doing chores seem so easier lol. I haven't tried any sleeping podcast though haha

I just recently found out about it since I'm a fan of Inka Magnaye. I tried it twice to see if it's effective. 😆

HB, LONG TIME!!! I literally just noticed you still post, I got lost after I returned in the sea of communities, lol.

I am not exactly certain if it is the same one I listen as I use stitcher since Spotify doesn't play in Iraq. But if it is, I love it as well. Although some of the reenactments are cringe worthy, again, assuming it is the same one.

Good to see you are still here.

Hahaha! Yeah noticed you started posting as well, you took a long break! Reenactments? That's the one when the actor reads the script and pretends he's the "killer" himself and not just pure narration, right? I haven't come across with any reenactments from them so not sure. Haha!

I'm always here and glad to see you back as well! :D

Yeah, I got a job for a while. But now I lost it and am back here, thank God?

I just checked, it is the same one. They do those in some of the episodes.

Yeah, I am still getting the hang of it after returning.

Either, way enjoy the podcast and your day really.

That sucks they left you hanging for episode two.

This sorta stuff that delves into the deeper psychology behind figures who have committed atrocities i find fascinating. I bet they probably have podcasts on famous historical psychopaths, like despots or ancient rulers.

Caligula is definitely a guy you should look into to see what made him tick and do the things he did. Yeah he was a creep and definitely crazy, but how did he become that way. Was it all his fault or was he a product of his environment. In some ways he was a genius. My favourite thing he did. Made his horse chief in command of all his senators. A normal person would think thats just plain crazy. Me i see that as a clever message to those under his command that thought they were more powerful than they were. Taught them to mind their place.

Haha yeah I was so frustrated but days later they published the part II so I'm back to being happy. :D

I bet they probably have podcasts on famous historical psychopaths, like despots or ancient rulers.

This! Yeah they might, or someone else might have. That one's pretty interesting as well.

Hey Mrs. Blade. I definitely think its worth your while to hear podcasts about the crazy historical figures of history. Some of them lead absolutely insane lives. Like the leader of the empire of constantinople. He invited all of his top government officials and nobility to a stadium one day. 1000s of govt officials and then had his military slaughter all of them at once. And the reason he did it was because his new wife ,a former prostitute that specialized in "bear dancing" whatever that is, told him to do it.

Or look no further than vlad drac who once he returned to power invited all the poor and homeless in his hometown to a feast in a church there. Once they were inside he barred the doors set fire to the building and burned everyone alive inside. All just yo clean up society

Podcast about food would be my choice.

Like recipes? I can't imagine myself listening to it cos it's hard to visualize 😂

imagination? lol

I'm a great consumer of podcasts on Spotify. I usually listen to Mindset Mentor, Adulting with Joyce Pring, Daily TED Talks, and Sleeping Pill with Inka.
I'm a fan of the fictional character Hannibal. I didn't know there was a real person who earned the title. I'll be sure to check the podcast. Thanks!

Ah those are good! With the adulting, I listen/watch Heart Evangelista on Youtube "Adulting with Chiz" hahaha it's surprising that Chiz has a very wide perspective about things and I would gladly take his advices.

always beautiful hidden ..! You look like a detective waiting for a crime

I'm a great consumer of podcasts on Spotify. I usually listen to Mindset Mentor, Adulting with Joyce Pring, Daily TED Talks, and Sleeping Pill with Inka.
I'm a fan of the fictional character Hannibal. I didn't know there was a real person who earned the title. I'll be sure to check the podcast. Thanks!

I listen to Business Wars podcast (also whenever I cook or do the dishes😁). But this one sounds interesting too. Gotta have to check this one some time.

I've never been interested in business stories LOL but that one is interesting cos of the main focus of it. Thanks for linking :D I might listen one day if I want to try out new things