Crypto Queen Ep. 11: Nextgencrypto - Bully? Troll? Bouncer? Addressing the everpresent issue of the large stakeholder downvote. LIVE Sunday 12pm MST.

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At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I will be wasting an ENTIRE segment of my show this Sunday on downvote drama. And not just any downvote drama, but the LATEST downvote drama between @cryptofinally and hive's resident bouncer, @xxxxxxxxxx.

So sue me, @ats-david. As much as I harangue you all for wasting your breath on downvote discussions, I/we do, in actuality, appreciate your to-the-point input. And I'm hosting my own discussion myself this time, at the actual request of.....well...NO ONE, for the express purpose of clearing up a misconception whereby @berniesanders, @xxxxxxxxxx, @nextgencrypto, @innerhive has managed to find himself at the center of yet another downvote controversy that appears to have scared off some loyal hiveans, and I feel the need to set it straight...the same way a fly feels the need to land on fly paper. I realize the futility. On all accounts. Nevertheless, set it straight, I will.

Downvotes from the Big Beeeee!!!

downvote 2.png

Sunday's monologue will be performed in the context of my favorite examples from steemit's past, beloved downvote dramas @haejn and @jerrybanfield. If you would like there to be a discussion rather than a dreary monologue, fine. I'll CONSIDER opening up the mic....

To give you a slight indication of my own personal opinion on downvoting, I have graciously provided the following quote below:

downvote 1.png

In OTHER News.....Piggericks - that blockchain game of tossing pigs....or something.


This one's fun. And funny. Go check it out How To Play. Game creator, @knircky will be joining us to tell us how it's going. I'm very much looking forward to this weekend's show.


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Looking forward to this show.

Sounds interesting :)

...downvote controversy that appears to have scared off some loyal Hiveans

Who are these loyal Hiveans?

I've just gotten a few dm's from friends on the platform who've been here for years, hopped over to hive hoping it would be "better than steem" (which it is), then see the claims from cryptofinally saying we're a cult because we're too scared to stand up to bernie. And they think it's all true. So they get disgruntled and leave. I want to set the record straight on a few iconic and erroneous points that are leading people astray.

I think it's definitely worth trying to clarify a few things, and Bernie's presence tomorrow will be interesting.

Hopefully I can make it :)