Crypto Queen Ep. 16: LIVE TODAY! Steemians Sue Bittrex over HF24 Heist, Nueralink is in a Pig, and MORE!

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Crypto Queen Agenda This Week:

This week has some interesting treasures in it I can't WAIT to talk about. Bittrex got sued by Steemians to reveal the anonymous account owner of the HF23 Heist money transfer, Elon Musk's Neuralink got some FDA approval, Google may actually be a legitimate monopoly according to Epic, and the north and south pole are trading places, among other things. Like I said. Can't wait.

image.pngBittrex getting sued? Will they turn over the owner of the HF23 heisted account? @brianoflondon talks about it at length here, and some other people talk about it here.
image.pngEpic says Google is a monopoly. And there may actually be some truth to it! Check out Count 1 on Page 47
image.pngMusky got FDA approval for his Neuralink, and he's already hiring for the testing process. Check out the neuralink demo here!. Apparently, it's already working in a pig?
image.pngThe Poles are shifting, and apparently I'm in the dark about it. Anyone wanna clue me in on the subject? I feel like this video does the subject the most justice.
image.pngNFT Showroom feature of the week, @elgeko with his Edition 5:Geko Swooper
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