Crypto Queen - Ep. 22: Trump, Tesla, and a Terrible Two's (Google and FB)

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Crypto Queen Agenda This Week:

This week we'll discuss Tesla's autodriving vehicle on Las Vegas Boulevard, a positive ruling in the Google/FB v. JPB Liberty lawsuit, and a few more little news tidbits for the day.

Screenshot 20201126 at 5.23.10 PM.pngTESLA - Auto Driving the Vegas Strip I look forward to the idea of being able to take a nap while my car drives me home for the holidays. Sure beats booking an expensive train or plane trip! Check out the latest auto-test drive here.
Screenshot 20201126 at 5.44.50 PM.pngORDER NOW! Your very own personal air purifying shield. Only $379 at BioVZR. Thanks for sharing this with us @drakos. We can always count on you for the important news.
Did Trump Concede? Or is that just a big deepfake? Am I the only one who doesn't care anymore? read more here
image.pngGOOGLE/FB - First hearing was a success! I had the opportunity to remotely attend Federal Court in Australia last week. @atshamilton argued the finer points of class-action monopoly law in Federal court -- his expertise granted him permission to sue Google and FB! Read the order HERE!
image.pngHIVEFEST - This year in VR: Dec. 18-19, 2020. Remember to sign up for HiveFest and grab yourself a VR headset. This year's HiveFest will be at your house! Please, only sign up if you plan to attend. Events are scaled according to registry.

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