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RE: Path of Exile - Entry to @mattclarke's 24 hour Hardcore Race

in #poecomp2 years ago

Yooshhh!!! Whoohoo, finally you made a new post :D.
And you are entering the game contest! Whoa, I will be cheering for you ladies and for Soju of course. Good luck and I hope your character won't die and kick ass in this race. Try to take some screenies when you're relatively safe, I would like to see your avatar ^_^.


hahahaha yes; finally.
Thank you; I hope my character won't die as well; but knowing me; I would probably do something silly at some point early in the game. I'll try to remember to take some screenies.

Is the contest still going? Or is it already over now?
Anyway, I hope you have fun and get a lot of Soju moments. Like when your character Super_Soju is kicking ass, Soju is sitting at your lap, and then you're also drinking soju for extra enjoyment XD.

Drink Soju with Soju.

The race is still going; started this morning.