A Short Poem of Frustration

in #poemlast year

Here's a little Poem I'm making it up as I go.



I know the how the world would like to work
but the insane and crazy wish to just go with the flow
the Likes I have never known shirking responsibility
and finding sheer hostility but no hospitality
while in-fighting, gaming and shaming our system
pull the proverbial wool over eyes unclouded
showing shrouded pain and doubting the name
of any individual with the same thoughts to show.

2020 stands out the proudest thing we have
is half a life left to live and rave about
when driving forces curse the road we go down
with fast feet against porous concrete in racist
vehicles that speed cases of Covid spiral out of control
as mouths open repeatedly to seed the clouds with
ambiguity and outright lies that try my patience
without prize or nurturing situations.

I no longer want this year to stay as it's clear
to anyone playing this game that the words
trailing out of braggadocious memes and cuts the seams
that lie along the path to wellness the same way
prying eyes close to truth with mouths wide to
release word pollution that teems with negative
emotion and causes mainstream commotion
that I cannot believe the notion is accepted not rejected
with cynical aplomb.


hey! I see you sneaking back around. Hope you guys are doing well (or as well as can be given the content of this poem and the world at large). It's good to see you back, come say hi in discord sometime~

Indeed. It's been a long haul but I actually have a big promotion coming soon, so that will help to get things shaken loose! I tried to find the Discord Channel the other day but I look to have been booted out of the rooms that I was in, so I can only imagine you all changed Discord Servers.

Let me know where to find you and I'll pay it a visit!