Living that night over

in #poetry4 years ago

This is the strangest time I have ever known

Lost are the days and living in a broken home

I’m on my knees scratching at the dirt

Trying to get a grip again before I ride off in this herse

I’m dying from the thirst, my heart is so dry

It’s been so long feeling the last of the cry

So lost in her I don’t even know where I am

Dragging on a floor trying to get back up again

Just one more kiss and I could live forever

Just one more song to make me shiver

Living that night over and over in my mind

Would have died that night if I had back the time

Wishing i was only dreaming, having over slept

Slipping on this heart every time I take a step

Stuck on sticking to the rules of moving on

Can’t trust any feelings though, it’s all a goddam con

Conditioned to live as though I’ve died

Stripped all my security, there’s nowhere to hide

I’ve lied to myself everyday that I could get on

Now I’m living a nightmare, this is my burning Babylon

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Oooo, send those chills up my back.

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