Love Is Letting Go

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

Love is letting go

Love is moving on

Love is someone you know

Love is going the way of Babylon

Love is never letting them know

Love is never breaking their heart

Love is leaving yours broke

Love is returning to start

Love is the excruciating pain

Love is a forever thirst

Love is not always to gain

Love is more like a curse

Love is mentally ill

Love is making you sick

Love is the curing pill

Love is a magic trick

Love is the devil’s shadow

Love is the angels wings

Love is the pointed arrow

Love is the death it brings

Love is a scream in the dark

Love is for what it’s worth

Love is a stab through the heart

Love is a light that you Birth

Love is the way that you hurt

Love is the scars on your soul

Love is the best of the worst

Love is never feeling whole

Love is a vampire

Love is death

Love is an empire

Love is your last breath

Love is the hunger

Love is to eat my flesh

Love is the stranger

Love is to keep it fresh

Love is the end of the beginning

Love is the love you send

Love is about never winning

Love is the beginning of the end

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Love is definitely gets wild as a Vampire.

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