She Makes Me Bad

in #poetry4 years ago

She makes me wild. Her Hair black and flowing, her eyes of blue fire

My temperature rises. My body in sweats. The thirst is unquenchable.

I feel dirty, when she looks into my eyes. Naughty thoughts behind those tiny windows

I feel the rage creep beneath the surface, and makes me bad

I would kill to taste her lips. Adrenaline pumps my veins. Don’t mess with me

I’m on a terror, my heart ♥️ on raging. No telling what’s next

We’re robbing banks together. A fresh pair of spanx, mouth gags and leather

I’m getting my kicks off, sawed off shotgun click click, I’m gonna bust a head or two

Bite down on my lips, she licks the blood off. Mmmmmmmmm

I pinch her ass and she cracks me one to the head, giggles and skips away

I pray for the day, for her heart I’ll be preying away.

Devoured her from front to back. So fair I swear I’m gonna eat her heart out

She makes me bad, she’s so much worse, one of these days, we’ll be up in a hearse. She makes me bad.

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