Like Andy Dufresne (Original Poetry)

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Losses loom
so much
larger than
the gains,
how I wish
I could
shut off
my brain,
I feel just like
Andy Dufresne

In these
auspicious hours
my legs bounce,
eyes twitch,
palms itch
as the
clock ticks...

comes the day
when we all hear
the immense beauty
of our own
internal music
instead of just
external noise

I can feel it
so deep down
in my bones that
I’ve already packed
a bug-out bag,
stuffed full
of dreams.

My spirit
has been caged...
existed in fear,
surrounded by rage,
yet each day
I’m reborn
just the same,
I feel just like
Andy Dufresne.

It’s been
a long road,
there’s been so
much to unlearn
and treacherous
bridges to burn
but here we stand
on the precipice
of where it all turns,
the pivot point,
where fortunes shift,
and like a Coltrane riff,
so sweet
will be
the freedom.

Eric Vance Walton

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Oh, what a great comparison! I'm ready to leave this all behind and scratch out a normal life once again. Love the words!

I appreciate it! Oh yes, we're hoping to be able to resume our travels this fall. It's difficult to pick a destination right now though because we're not sure which countries will still have quarantines in place.

That was a great movie indeed, a real classic that I've seen a couple of times!
Love your poem Eric!
I think many of us have been feeling like Andy Dufresne ever since Covid first hit; stuck inside prisons in our own little worlds; looks like the end is in sight, we hope, so we can all pick up the pieces and get on with our lives again.

Thank you my friend! What a strange and unnatural existence this has been for the past year. I'm very ready to resume life!

Very interesting comparisons of feelings. I liked it.

Thanks, good to hear from you!

hello dear friend @ericvancewalton good morning
I love your compositions, they are always reflective, today more than ever one tries to escape the consequences of living in this situation.
I really appreciate the time you spend composing. I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day. enjoy it a lot

Thank you @jlufer! Yes, I cannot wait for some shred of normalcy to return. At least it's warming up now and we can get outside. Everything is getting a little better each day.

You gearing up to head down to Zihuatanejo? Have you ever been to the place where they filmed it down in Ohio? I think it would be cool to take a drive by there sometime. I heard they had to fence off the farm field where the tree and wall is because too many people were trespassing. Nice poem!

Haha, maybe someday. I've actually never been to that prison in Ohio but it's on my list along with the house where they filmed A Christmas Story. Thanks @bozz. Hope the week is going well.

Things are going pretty great. I hope they are going well for you too! Finally getting a bit of a warmup. It was near 50 yesterday and I saw 60's this weekend!

Glad to hear it! Our temps are creeping up here and there too. We nearly touched 50 yesterday and will get very close to 60 degrees next week.

I've had my head down lately working on the new novel and taking daily rides on the new eBike. I'm learning the ins and outs of the bike. I've had a few issues with gear slippage during hard acceleration but otherwise it's been much fun.

I think many of us, at one time or another, have felt like Andy Dufresne. Not only for feeling imprisoned, but also for not giving up hope of getting out, of tasting the sky again, of trying again. How big are dreams when there is no one to set limits for us? I embrace you, my friend

Absolutely, I agree. Between the roller coaster ride of this crypto market and the pandemic I bet everyone feels this way. Freedom will come soon, the finish line is in sight! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're doing well, Nancy.

I enjoyed the piece and how it seemed to carry a message of hope throughout, even while employing a bunch of somewhat negative imagery. Nice work!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!