Hermes god of ice dream cones

in #poetry10 months ago

It looks like you’ve run out of steem
it’s time to hear the waking dream
my lucid dream I hear you now
you are my utmost holy cow

You really entertain me so
it’s as above is so below
asleep awake and in between
my real hypnogogic dream

Mercurius is my real name
some call me Thoth, I am the same
Tahuti and a thousand more
like Hermes thrice great like before

But now of late this fallen age
regards me no more as a sage
but rather as an ice cream cone
a little treat you eat alone

Today’s the balanced time of pause
I still campaign the righteous cause
for 2020 - 02 - 02
the balance reached ‘twixt me and you

I soldier on still sing my song
for everywhere I now belong
an avatar atop the shelves
my cone head is where wisdom dwells

So eat my head of creamy dream
for things are not quite as they seem
for Hermes – god of ice cream now
will dream the big dreams anyhow


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